Coronary Bypass Surgery in Dubai

Every year, a large number of people are diagnosed with coronary artery disease. This is due to cholesterol and calcium buildup in the arteries supplying the heart (coronary arteries), which causes blockages and hardening of the arteries. These blockages prevent enough blood from reaching the heart, possibly resulting in a heart attack if left untreated. Many of these blockages are treatable with stents. However, extensive research has shown that Coronary Bypass Surgery is a much better option in patients with certain types of blockages.

Our cardiovascular clinic, German Heart Centre (GHC), has a proven track record of performing coronary bypass surgery in Dubai. Our results are consistently among the best in Dubai, and we regularly outperform the national average.

What is Coronary Bypass Surgery (CABG)?

Coronary bypass surgery is a procedure that improves and restores blood flow to your heart muscles. Artery blockages can cut off blood flow, resulting in heart attacks or symptoms resembling a heart attack. CABG restores blood flow by redirecting blood vessels from other parts of your body around blockages.

Why is CABG surgery done?

If you are encountering any of the following conditions, our heart specialists may recommend a coronary artery bypass surgery:

  • A clog in the left main coronary artery. (This artery transports a large amount of blood to the heart muscle).
  • The main heart artery is severely constricted, which can cause ischemia and lead to other heart and coronary diseases.
  • The narrowing of several heart arteries causes severe chest pain. Even during light exercise or rest, the narrowing reduces blood flow to the heart.
  • There is more than one diseased heart artery, and your lower left heart chamber isn’t working properly.
  • A heart artery blockage that cannot be treated with coronary angioplasty.
  • An unsuccessful angioplasty with or without a stent. For example, after stenting, an artery narrowed again.
Coronary bypass surgery in Dubai

What is the procedure all about?

CABG surgery is a procedure that uses your own veins or arteries (usually from the legs, chest, or arm) to bypass narrowed areas and restore blood flow to the heart muscles.

This new blood vessel or vein is referred to as a graft. The number of grafts required depends upon the severity of your coronary heart disease and the number of narrowed coronary blood vessels.

A coronary artery bypass graft is performed under general anaesthesia, which means you will be unconscious throughout the procedure. It typically takes 3 to 6 hours.

Thus, bypass surgery can significantly reduce or relieve chest pain in the majority of people and can extend life in those with specific patterns of severe coronary heart disease.

Different types of coronary bypass surgery in Dubai

After diagnosing the number of blocked arteries, our doctor will recommend a specific type of bypass surgery:

  • Single Bypass – For only one blocked artery
  • Double Bypass – For two blocked arteries
  • Triple Bypass – For three blocked arteries
  • Quadruple Bypass – For four blocked arteries

The more the number of blocked arteries, the more complex and longer will be the surgery.

Recovery post a CABG surgery

After CABG, patients typically spend 8 to 10 days in the hospital recovering from the procedure. During this time, they will be closely monitored for any signs of complications, such as bleeding or infection.

Once you are discharged from the hospital, you will need to follow a stringent regimen of medication, exercise, and lifestyle changes to promote healing and prevent future complications. This may include taking medications to control blood pressure and cholesterol, as well as making changes to their diet and exercise habits.

The majority of CABG patients will require several weeks to recover fully. During that time, our doctors will most likely instruct you to avoid any strenuous activities or situations that could put undue strain on your heart and incisions.

CABG surgery in Dubai

Aftercare post a CABG surgery

You should also follow your provider’s advice on the following during your recovery:

Take your medication – This is an important part of your recovery, and it is critical that you take medications exactly as prescribed by your provider. If you have any questions on your mind about how to take or store your medications, you shouldn’t hesitate to ask your doctor about the same.

Take care of your mental health – CABG patients may experience mental health issues such as anxiety or depression. These are normal and should not be ashamed of.

Make lifestyle changes – While CABG can restore blood flow, the issues that caused you to require CABG can reoccur. Following your healthcare provider’s advice on improving your lifestyle, including diet and exercise, is critical.

Benefits of CABG Surgery

CABG is an effective treatment for coronary artery disease and can provide significant benefits for patients who undergo the procedure.

Some of the benefits of CABG include the following:

  • Improved blood flow to the heart muscle which can reduce symptoms such as chest pain and shortness of breath.
  • Reduced risk of heart attack and other serious complications of coronary artery disease.
  • Improved quality of life, as patients are often able to resume normal activities after recovery from the procedure.

Coronary Bypass Surgery in Dubai - Modern and precise approach at GHC

At German Heart Centre (GHC), our surgeons use a modernised approach to coronary bypass surgery to maximise the durability of the surgery for you.

Moreover, we specialize in performing CABG on elderly patients (those aged 80 and up) and those with co-existing medical conditions. We don’t limit our abilities to providing you with the best care possible based on your age but go way beyond basic care. With our excellent team of surgeons, we hold expertise in offering extremely professional services and customized cardiovascular treatments in Dubai.

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