Prof. Dr. med. Mohamed Omar


Prof. Dr. med. Mohamed Omar, MHBA

Prof. Omar is full professor in Hannover Medical School in Germany. He is head of Department for Orthopedic Oncology and head of the Sarcoma Center in Hannover, one out of 13 reference centers for bone and soft tissue tumors in Germany.

After graduation from Hannover Medical School, he completed his residency training program for orthopedic surgery in Hannover. Following specialization, Prof. Omar focused on orthopedic oncology and underwent fellowships in Royal Orthopedic Hospital in Birmingham in United Kingdom, Helsinki University Hospital in Finnland and University Hospital Essen in Germany. Since 2020 he is head of department of Orthopedic Oncology.

During his scientific career he has authored over 90 pubmed listed scientific articles, reviews and book chapters on musculoskeletal topics (PUBMED). His research is focused on improving diagnostic and therapeutic treatment options for bone and soft tissue sarcoma.

He is an invited speaker on congresses all over the world including EMSOS, SICOT and AAOS. He is also a scientific reviewer for several peer-reviewed journals including American Journal of Sports Medicine, Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery Am, Bone Joint Journal, Injury, KSSTA and The Knee.

Prof. Dr. med. Mohamed Omar


Consultant Orthopedic Trauma and Orthopedic Oncology

Prof. Omar is one of the leading physicians for orthopedic oncology in Germany. He has an extensive expertise in bone and soft tissue tumor resection and bone replacement with tumor endoprosthesis. He special interest is in limb-salvage procedures using custom-made jigs and implants, 3D printing applications and navigation-assisted surgery.

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