Dr. Helge Alexy


Dr. Helge Alexy

Dr. Helge Alexy is a German Board certified Consultant Cardiologist in the field of non-invasive and interventional Cardiology who is available to you now for consultation hours.

He was long years senior physician in the hospital and head of the Heart catheter Laboratory.

He has extensive training in Echocardiography incl. 3D, Treadmill testing, Stress- Echocardiography, ECG reading, as well as in invasive procedures having performed countless coronary angiograms/ Heart catheterizations and PCIs (percutaneous coronary interventions with Stents) and is certified as Interventional cardiologist by the German Society of Cardiology.

Another field of expertise lies in Heart rhythm/ ECG disorders, therefore he independently operates and implants Pacemakers for the Heart.

In the structural field he implants Occluders for PFO- (Persistent Foramen Ovale) and LAA (Left Atrial Appendage)-closure procedures, to prevent Strokes. 

Dr. Alexy studied medicine in Hamburg, Germany.

After graduation he worked as military medical officer in the German Army hospitals in Hamburg and the capital Berlin, where he became German Board certified as Specialist in Internal medicine and Cardiology, as well as Emergency medicine.


German Board Certified

Consultant Cardiologist

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Languages spoken: English, German

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