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German Heart Centre Bremen (GHCB), a pioneer of healthcare and specialized medical services, was one of the first clinical establishments to open in Dubai Healthcare City in 2006. Our reputation precedes itself upholding the highest and most sophisticated technical standards and utmost professional practices has allowed the clinic to become a forefront of medical excellence and a landmark destination for clinical welfare in Dubai.

At GHCB, we provide primal and preventive care through a number of medical specialties. We help patients with outstanding medical ethics, dedicated clinical care, all dispensed in a comforting environment. 

Housed to the brightest minds of medicine, GHCB’s board of medical experts is composed of EU and US board certified consultants, physicians, surgeons, nurses and health-care professionals with over 20 years of individual field experience in their respective specializations.

As one of the world’s most respected names in heart disease, I took charge of the GHCB as Managing Medical Director (MMD) in 2017. My team and I have led the establishment to top-rank the most prestigious multispecialty clinics in Dubai.

German Heart Center has expanded into a multispecialty clinic, diversifying its services into Cardiology, Cardiac, Thoracic and Vascular surgery, Pediatric Cardiology, Internal Medicine, General Medicine, all supervised by the prodigious expertise of medicine.

My ultimate goal was to continously work in reforming several key departments of the GHCB to provide impeccable medical services to all residents of the UAE. The clinic now focuses on providing exemplary treatment and surgery for patients with sub-specialties of cardiology such as cardiac – thoracic surgery, and vascular surgery.

As part of my plans to cover the scope of polyclinics in Dubai we are introducing more medical specialties and disciplines. Our initiative goal, will be to establish more foremost standard clinics at different locations in Dubai and make medical care affordable and conveniently accessible for the UAE residents.

After taking charge as MMD of GHCB, We have organized numerous screening programs for cardiovascular diseases, women’s and men’s health, skin cancer and general health checks for we solemnly believe in preventive medicine and in treating patients with proper medication, as long as they are curable. Our paramount priority is to help and keep people healthy.

Professor Dr. Uwe Klima

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