Ideally, menstrual periods happen every cycle that averages between 21 to 35 days and last for three to seven days. Menstrual problems vary, such as periods that happen within less than 21 days or more than 35 days apart, missing three consecutive periods or more, and menstrual flow density abnormality like it is much heavier or lighter than the norm.

Moreover, other irregularities that face women would be Periods lasting longer than seven days, intolerable excruciating pain, nausea, vomiting accompanying period. Furthermore, heavy bleeding or spotting between periods or after menopause or following sexual intercourse.

Menstrual Irregularity-Related Conditions from the best Gynecologists in Dubai:

  • Amenorrhea

It is the paucity or absolute absence of menstruation. It cannot only be considered if one or two non-consecutive menstrual periods were missed. Amenorrhea means missing at least three consecutive menstrual periods in a row. Moreover, girls who do not start having their menstruation by the age of 15 do too.

Cogently, Amenorrhea is caused by pregnancy, which is a natural cause. Other alarming causes of amenorrhea include irregularities with the reproductive organs or with the glands that support hormonal level regulation.

  • Oligomenorrhea

It is the condition of menstrual period infrequency. It is a side effect of hormonal birth control in most cases. It varies among women as some experience lighter menstrual periods while for others menstruation stops completely. Rough sports or heavy exercise could also lead to this condition. Eating disorders, like anorexia nervosa or bulimia may cause this condition as well. Because of fluctuation of hormones, Oligomenorrhea is more common in premenopausal women and adolescent girls. Women who have high levels of a protein called prolactin in their blood, diabetes or thyroid problems are at a higher risk compared to others.

  • Dysmenorrhea

 It is the condition of having intolerable painful periods and severe cramps during menstruation. However, mild to strong discomfort and cramps during the cycle are normal for most women. Nevertheless, abnormal bleeding of the uterus could be relevant to a variety of menstrual abnormalities, like a heavier menstrual flow; a period that lasts longer than seven days; or bleeding or spotting between periods, after sex, or after menopause.

Common treatments for menstrual irregularities

The treatment of abnormal menstruation depends on the principal cause, but as a gynecology treatment in Dubai, there are some treatments to expect:

  • To regulate menstrual cycle: Hormones such as estrogen or progestin might help controlling heavy bleeding, and as per the diagnosis of your Gynecologist.
  • To control the pain: Over-the-counter pain reliever might be a good solution for mild or rather say normal pain. However, Aspirin is not recommended, because it might cause heavier bleeding. Home remedies are always better, such as taking a warm bath, shower, or using a heating pad. Some warm herbs help in easing the pain as well.
  • To treat uterine fibroids, over-the-counter pain relievers could be the solution. However, if the bleeding is heavy, an iron supplement might be helpful. in preventing or treating anemia. Fibroids that do not respond to medication, surgical options can remove them or lessen their size. A professional gynecologist would be able to advice with the condition-suitable procedure.

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