We’ve all heard regarding how we should formulate our diet plans to keep our bodies in shape. However, we rarely talk about how our intake can affect our heart, especially when it comes to choosing the right sources of carbohydrates. Most of us don’t know how this can be a useful cardiovascular disease-preventing decision. Let’s take an insight on how one can benefit in terms of keeping a healthy heart while choosing the right carbs:

Traditional Diet Plans

Most of the traditional dietary plans are often rich in carbohydrates. These depend upon locations where each location has different carbohydrate intakes. From cereals to root crops, different options are available that are low in fat and promote satiety (state of being satisfied). Keeping such carbohydrates can help prevent from becoming obese or gaining weight that would affect the heart.

Choosing Fruits and Vegetables

Another great option is to choose fruits and vegetables especially when you’re looking to cut on sugar intake. Fruits and vegetables have natural sugars that maintain the sugar levels in your body without having to increase artificial intakes. Moreover, they do well in salads and dietary dishes that one can opt for reducing weight. Consuming green vegetables and fruits will also help maintain a good heart.

Limiting Fat Intake

Although fat intake should be kept the least; however, that is only for those that are looking to go completely shredded. Your body should have a maximum of 35% of fat in daily calorie intake with minimal animal or saturated fat. In addition, partially hydrogenated oils should be avoided and mono or polyunsaturated fats (soybean, olive oil, corn oil, etc.) should be used.

Opting for Proteins

Another competitive choice that one can make is by choosing a protein-based diet. Consuming proteins, including meat, fish, etc. can help minimize fat intake while giving the body enough nutrients to invest in physical activities. Moreover, protein intake can help shred excessive fat from the body, reducing obesity and giving the heart a better condition.

Cutting on Salt & Cholesterol

While opting for the right kind of carbohydrates, cutting on salt and cholesterol is another important task to be completed. Salt is mostly used for seasoning; however, it causes problems with blood pressure and can affect the condition of your heart.

On the other hand, cutting on cholesterol intake is another important participle for keeping your heart healthy. Consuming fat-based nutrients and dairy products can add to your cholesterol levels, which is highly risky for those suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

Additional Tips

Apart from these tips, you can take control of your hydration and keep in check your meal sizes. Hydration keeps your body active and helps in improving digestion. It also minimizes the amount you eat. As for the amount you eat, you must consume multiple short meals instead of eating a few big ones.

Research has indicated that skipping meals and then consuming big meals will gain more weight and retain fat since the body isn’t expecting another meal soon. If you train your body to consume smaller meals, it will spend energy more often and will help reduce fat accumulation.

In any case, referring to cardiologists in Dubai or near you would be most optimal if you’re experiencing heart health issues and want a complete diet plan.


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