1- Have a Walk:

Yes, it may seem a little too easy. However, walking, especially brisk walking is a great way to strengthen your heart. Fast walking gets your heart rate up and puts less strain on your joints than other types of exercise. You can go anywhere, anytime. All you need is supportive shoes. Take a short walk on your lunch break or a long walk on the weekend. Listen to music, podcasts, or take a walk with your friends. The flexibility of walking makes it easy for anyone to do it and keep it going.

2- Weight training

All Live Well centers offer exercise classes to improve heart health. Tennis for Seniors 3 Strengthening other muscles in the body helps the heart. Strength training helps you build muscle mass and burn fat. You can go to the gym and work out with weights, but some of her most effective weight workouts happen when she uses her own body weight. Push-ups, squats, and even pull-ups help build muscle and contribute to bone and heart health.

3- Swimming

Swimming is not just for lazy summer afternoons. Joining an aqua aerobics class or swimming lap is a full-body exercise that strengthens not only your body, but your mind as well. Unlike other sports, swimming puts less strain on the joints and less pain when you move your body.

4- Relaxing Yoga

It may not seem like it, but yoga is very good for your heart health. Yoga helps strengthen and tone muscles. Certain types of yoga provide calmness that lowers blood pressure while increasing your heart rate.

5- Interval Training

A terrific approach to obtain a thorough workout in a short amount of time is through interval training, which alternates between longer periods of active recovery and shorter bursts of high-intensity exercise. You may do that by, for instance, running for one minute, walking for three minutes, and repeating the process. Your heart rate fluctuating helps you burn calories and enhances the performance of your blood vessels.

6- Can’t Match Cycling

More than just getting you from one point to another is possible when you hop on your bike. It has been demonstrated that cycling can help lower the risk of heart disease. Your heart rate is up because it works the big muscles in your legs. Bonus: Research suggests that cycling can even enhance your mental health.

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Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information on the topic.

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