Depression is a serious illness that can negatively affect your entire body. In fact, there is a noticeable link between patients with depression and heart health.

Depression and heart health are very heavily correlated to one another. Studies show that heart disease triples a person’s risk of depression, and people who already suffer from depression are at greatly increased risk of heart disease. When left untreated, depression can lead to severe heart disease and cardiological conditions.

This means that recognizing and treating depression may aid in the improvement of heart health.

How Can Depression Affect Heart Health?

Depression can affect cardiovascular health in several ways. Not only does it have harmful repercussions to the entire body, but it can lead to compromised immunity, loss in ability to perform activities that combat cardiovascular disease, and even organ failure.

• Depression Makes Performing Healthy Activities Difficult

When you are experiencing depression, you lose interest in most things and find it difficult to perform everyday activities. It may also cause a loss in interest in exercise and poor appetite.

In other words, depression makes it difficult to perform the activities that are necessary for optimal for heart health, such as daily exercise, meditation, and a good diet. This makes patients of depression at a higher risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

• Depression Causes Poor Heart Function

In addition to affecting behaviors, depression can also have a physical impact on the heart. Firstly, depression can cause autonomic dysfunction, which negatively impacts resting heart rate, heart rate variability, and blood pressure. This makes chances of heart disease far more likely. Furthermore, depression can affect platelet reactivity, making blood stickier and, in turn, making a recurrent or new heart attack more likely.

• Depression Triggers Inflammation

Depression can negatively affect insulin resistance, leading to further inflammation and diabetes. At the same time, it can affect underlying inflammation, leading to elevated levels of potentially harmful circulating inflammatory molecules. This inflammation can lead to severe repercussions on heart health.

Therefore, if you are suffering from depression, it is extremely important to seek medical care and treatment. If you believe that your mental health may be affecting your heart health, then it is advisable to visit a heart hospital in Dubai and speak to a specialist cardiologist.

Treating Depression to Improve Heart Health

Recognizing and treating depression is very important for preserving your overall mental and physical wellbeing. If you are feeling depressed, it is a good idea to speak to a qualified professional. Treatment may include lifestyle changes, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), or counseling.

As you recover from depression, you will notice an improvement in your overall health. At the same time, it is a good idea to visit a specialist cardiologist in Dubai as part of your treatment plan. This will ensure that you get the proper treatment for your heart health and will prevent a relapse.

Furthermore, if you have been recently diagnosed with heart disease, or undergone surgery, then speak to your heart specialist in Dubai about screening for depression. The best heart specialist in Dubai will help you get proper medical care and treatment for your mental health during the treatment procedures for heart disease.

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