Acute coronary syndrome has many symptoms but the most common distress associated with it would be crucial pain in the chest and a severe sense of discomfort. It is one of the medical emergencies, which require medical care and follow up with a cardiologist. In Dubai, there are excellent cardiologists and a full medical team that could avail complete treatment plans that include steps to improve the flow of the blood and help patients comprehend the necessary changes to prevent any future complications.

Acute Coronary Symptoms

Unlike other health issues, the symptoms associated with the acute coronary syndrome are rather sudden, and vigorous that would include but not limited to:

 Angina also referred to as severe chest pain
 Discomfort
 Aching
 Pressure
 Tightness or burning
 Pain stretching across the chest, shoulders, arms, upper abdomen, back, neck, jaw
 Nausea
 Vomiting
 Indigestion
 Dyspnea or breath shortness
 Diaphoresis meaning abrupt heavy sweating
 Dizziness or fainting (lightheadedness)
 Fatigue
 Restlessness or apprehensiveness

Many factors contribute to the kind of symptoms with each patient. It is true that chest pain accompanied by discomfort is the most common sign or rather symptoms. Nevertheless, it depends greatly on the age and sex of the patient, and other medical conditions are not to be disregarded.

Women, older people, and diabetes patients, mostly, do not tend to show signs and symptoms that include chest pain or discomfort. Acute Coronary Syndrome Alarming Risk Factors A healthy lifestyle saves many from most of the heart-related syndromes and diseases and other health complications and Acute Coronary Syndrome is not different from them. High risk and alarming factors are:

 Being at an old age
 High blood pressure
 High blood cholesterol
 Smoking
 Poor physical activity
 Unhealthy diet
 Obesity or overweight
 Diabetes
 Family history of heart disease, stroke or cardiovascular problems
 History of high blood pressure
 History of preeclampsia
 diabetes during pregnancy

What leads to Acute Coronary Syndrome?
It is usually the result of plaques or fatty deposits on the walls of coronary arteries, the blood vessels delivering oxygen and nutrients to heart muscles. Plaque usually ruptures or splits leading to a blood clot formation, consequently blocking the blood flow to the heart. This leads to a drop in the oxygen supply to the heart cells and that would get the cells damaged. A heart attack is the result of cell death in the heart muscles leading to a damage in the heart muscles.

The best of the worst scenarios is that there is no cell death. However, the decrease in oxygen results in heart muscles underperforming. This could be a temporary or permanent change and in this case, it is referred to as unstable angina.

Do you need to consult a cardiologist?
Chest pain or discomfort are signs that happen to be common with number of life-threatening, critical conditions. It requires emergency help, medical care and it is not advised that a patient experiencing this drive himself to hospital but they have to get medical assistance. German Heart Centre provides incomparable complete cardiovascular and thoracic services. In addition to cardiovascular and thoracic surgeries. Have a strong heart and do not wait until it is too late, the best cardiac surgery hospital in Dubai with supreme team of consultants and specialists are there to provide the best care possible. Consult the best Cardiologist in UAE and do not wait. Call for schedules and appointments.

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