Cognitive-Behavior Therapy (CBT) is a form of communication-based therapy, and is a psychosocial intervention. It aims to mental health improvement. CBT concentrates on challenging and transforming unhelpful cognitive distortions, thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and perspectives. It aims for improving emotional regulation, and the development of a person’s coping mechanisms and strategies. Those strategies are to target solving current problems and being prepared to handle future ones in a healthy manner.

CBT was designed to treat depression, then expanded to include a number of mental health conditions, including anxiety. CBT is not age defined, its psychopathologies using evidence-based techniques and strategies are effective for the treatment of a varied range of problems for children, teenagers, and adults.

Ideally, CBT is the best and most effective approach for helping individuals with anxiety and mood disorders. It is believed to have a very high rate of success for the effective treatment of fears and phobias, worry, anxiety, panic attacks, social anxiety, health anxiety, separation anxiety, obsessions and compulsions, the experience of trauma and a whole range of other anxiety-based problems. Moreover, CBT is effective for treating depression and low mood, and for helping with related issues including low self-esteem. Other problems have also shown brilliant results with CBT, including eating disorders, addictions, relationship problems and psychotic experiences.

How does cognitive behavior therapy work?

Living in a fast-paced place like Dubai, leaves no space for stress relief. Raising the necessity level of finding the right Therapists and Counsellors in Dubai. Then, after deciding on the best Psychologist in Dubai, he helps you identify your problems as targets in an early stage in therapy. Afterwards, they are dealt with in terms of therapeutic goals. Therapy emphasizes on working on “the here and now, temporally and spatially” with a focus on where the individual would like to be in the future in the sense of future goals to fulfill. The notion of ‘working together” is essential to achieve great outcome.

The therapist is to guide in order to support one to take steps toward change by helping him or her becoming more aware of how thoughts and behaviors can and will influence the way we feel emotionally and physically. The goal is to change passive thinking patterns and behaviors, replacing them with ones that are more positive and motivational. A major part of CBT involves learning and practicing new skills to manage thoughts and feelings. This is a process of self-discovery, new learning and emotional exploration experience.

German Heart Centre Bremen Dubai works with patients presenting cardiovascular problems caused by psychological disorders and stress symptoms caused by stress- and anxiety-related disorders. With the support and consultancy of the best Psychologist-experience in Dubai applying the modalities of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in regular consultations, and Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Biofeedback as additional treatment combining the scientific and holistic approaches of modern psychosomatic medicine and cardio-psychotherapy. We can and will support to improve the quality of our patients lives, psychologically and physically. Call or visit our website for more. We will help you!

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