We often hear the terms “internal medicine” and “general medicine” used interchangeably. While those who have studied medicine can easily differentiate between the two, it is often a source of confusion for the average person who is trying to decide which doctor to visit.

Understanding the difference between general medicine and internal medicine can help you in many ways. Not only does it make booking appointments easier, but it ensures that you visit the right medical practitioner who can provide the most relevant and effective treatment.

So, here are the differences between a general medicine practitioner and an internal medicine practitioner in Dubai:

What is an Internal Medicine Practitioner in Dubai?

An internal medicine doctor, also known as an internist, is a doctor who specializes in internal medicine. Internal medicine focuses on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of injuries and diseases.

An internal medicine practitioner in Dubai will be trained in diagnosing and treating common illnesses, acute and chronic illnesses and complex diagnostic problems. It is important to note that an internal medicine doctor specializes in the treatment of adults within general medicine, although they often have training in subspecialties such as infectious diseases.

Internal medicine doctors typically complete a three-year residency which provides them with a focused approach to adult care without further training in pediatric or obstetric care. Hence, an internal medicine practitioner treats patients that are 18 years of age and above and provide health promotion and preventive care. They may recommend screenings and coordinate with medical specialists.

Some internists go on to specialize in a certain field of internal medicine, such as cardiology, pulmonology, or neurology.

What is a General Medicine Practitioner in Dubai?

general medicine practitioner, commonly referred to as a GP, is a medical doctor who specializes in many diseases affecting the body, whose primary treatment does not involve surgery.

General practitioners are trained to provide care for patients of all ages. This includes treatment for adults, adolescents, and children. Some general medicine practitioners may choose to become family doctors, treating patients of all ages and genders.

A GP will provide treatment of acute non-life-threatening diseases, early detection and referral to a specialized doctor for patients with serious diseases, and preventive care including health education and immunization. They are highly knowledgeable of all types of branches of medicine but are unlikely to conduct surgeries or complex medical procedures.

Differences Between General Medicine & Internal Medicine in Dubai

Both a general medicine practitioner and internal medicine practitioner are considered to be a primary care physician. However, there are distinct differences between the two that are important to understand:

Internal MedicineGeneral Medicine
Specializes in treatment of adultsTreatment for patients of all ages, including adults, adolescents, and children
May have training in a subspecialty such as cardiology or pulmonologyMay have training in family medicine and become a family doctor
May work with inpatient and/or outpatient medicineMostly treats outpatients

Hence, families who are looking for a primary care physician who can treat the entire family, including children, and provide routine check-ups and preventive health care, will be better suited by visiting a general practitioner in Dubai. On the other hand, an adult who requires routine health check-ups or diagnosis and referral to a specialist doctor may prefer to visit an internal medicine practitioner in Dubai.

Where to Find the Best Internal Medicine & General Medicine Doctors in Dubai?

The German Heart Centre is a premier clinical establishment in Dubai that provides impeccable clinical care, highest technical standards and outstanding medical ethics. Whether you require medical services from an internist or GP, our team of highly specialized and experienced doctors includes the best general medicine and internal medicine doctors in UAE.

For the best general physician in Dubai, book an appointment with Dr. Onur Gozen at the German Heart Centre. Or book an appointment with Dr. Junko Fukuda for the best Japanese Board-Certified internal medicine practitioner in Dubai.

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